Project leaders: a science and industry consortium composed of:
I.Project Leader – Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW)– Poland’s oldest institution of higher education in agriculture with very good academic staff and research laboratories equipped with the latest research equipment thanks to which its laboratories are accredited and allowed to conduct specialist studies, analyses, and investigations, and acquire credible, internationally recognised results that can be verified by any laboratory in the world.
The project is being carried out by:
1.Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences (Division of Engineering in Nutrition and the Department of Organisation and Consumption Economics)
2.Faculty of Production Engineering (Department of Fundamental Engineering and the Department of Production Management and Engineering)
3.Faculty of Animal Science

II.Scientific Partner – University of Warmia and Mazury (UWM)– the largest university in north-eastern Poland situated in a region with exceptional potential for the production of beef of unique quality and specific gourmet properties. It is proud of its qualified academic staff and appropriate testing and research facilities and is one of the few universities that have laboratories of the highest-class for controlled fattening of livestock and meat quality assessment.
The project is conducted by:
1.Faculty of Animal Bioengineering (Department of Cattle Breeding and Milk Evaluation)
2.Faculty of Food Science (Chair of Meat Technology and Chemistry)

III.Industry Partner – Polish Beef Association (PBA) – an association of businesses from the industry which is the first organisation in the sector to have developed a Polish quality system for the production of QMP beef which is currently being registered by the EU. The QMP system will allow the production of beef to be to guaranteed, repeatable quality standards. The Polish Beef Association is currently running their third successful EU project that is permitting the effective implementation of the scientific results achieved by Polish scientists and achievements made across the world in the beef production sector. Moreover, the PBA is Poland’s first organisation of producers to have produced a development strategy for the production industry for 2007–2013 and they have worked out the first beef quality production programme – EUROSTEK 2012.


Project Partners

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